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Ethiopia Historic Route is one of The Great treasures of Ethiopia. It encompasses the history of Ethiopia from its early beginnings to modern day.

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Southern Ethiopia  is one of the federal regional states of Ethiopia endowed with a remarkably rich cultural, Historical and Natural diversity.

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Western Ethiopia is known by the natural landscape of more bird verve of the Gambella region to the will known coffee producing region of the kaffa district. Also, rich and embraced the history of one true Ethiopian Jimma king called Abba Jiiffare and one of biggest Empire at Western Region of the country.....

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Although Ethiopia's highlands are visited by a smattering of tourists, the region remains a largely untouched and unfamiliar area to Westerners.

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mapEthiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world, offering a unique cultural experience and a complex history. Famed for its amazing collection of historical sites, it is often referred to as the Cradle of Humanity. It has never been colonized by a European power and has been able to develop its cultural identity and traditions. Ethiopia also offers a diverse and beautiful landscape far from its image as a drought-ridden country. From the fertile highlands and lakes in the south through to the awe inspiring Simien Mountains in the north. The architectural heritage is diverse: the castles at Gondar are remarkably well preserved and, unsurprisingly, this ancient city Has been described as the 'Camelot of Africa'. Equally, the rock-hewn churches at Lalibela are the finest of their type in the world. Carved out of solid rock in the 12th century, the churches are described by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and by many as the 'eighth wonder of the world'.

Welcome to TAG Tour & Travel in Ethiopia: Travel in Style

At TAG we are passionate about the experiences our tour packages provide our travelers: the thrill of coming face-to-face with diverse cultures as well as wilderness regions of great natural beauty. We are committed to creating unique itineraries that are well researched, affordable and tailored for our travelers, so we can ensure an unforgettable travel experience.

Our itineraries will give you the very best travel experience, designed by people with incredible local knowledge who share our vision of true exchange and real exploration with a responsible tourism approach. Whether you would like your adventures to include trekking, touring, cycling, meeting the indigenous, or learning the history of the land by exploring untainted lands, TAG can make it happen for you. Join us for a life changing expedition.


Why travel with TAG Tour & Travel?

Our extra attention to detail and seamless operation on the ground ensures you will have a memorable journey in Ethiopia. We take every precaution to ensure smooth logistics; our vehicles and equipment are the best available in the market. We are also a socially responsible entity. We give back to the local people, safeguard the ecosystems, and contribute to the sustainability of travel in the regions we experience. Local guides, whose knowledge and passion for Ethiopia, will add a unique dimension to your trip. Their experience and enthusiasm ensures that we maintain our stance as the leading service provider in the tour and travel industry. Given our local expertise and excellent leadership, we are quite sure that your expedition through Ethiopia will be a trip of a lifetime.


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