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Bodi: The Bodi or Me'en people live close to the Omo River in southern Ethiopia.  South of the Bodi are the Mursi tribes.  They are pastoralists (livestock farmers) and agriculturalists.  Along the banks of the river, they will grow sorghum, mais and coffee.  They live with their cattle herds and livestock plays a large role in the tribe.  Men of the Bodi are typically overweight because they consume large amounts of honey.  The men wear a strip of cotton around their waist or walk around naked.  In June, the Bodi celebrate Ka'el.  This is a tradition that measures the body fat of a contestant.  Each family or clan is allowed to enter an unmarried contestant.  The winner of this contest is awarded great fame by the tribe.  Men also wear a headband with a feather attached to it during rituals.  The women in the tribe wear goatskin skirts and have a plug inserted into their chin. Each of the 18 clans presents two or three contestants. The winner gets great fame for his family and clan. Only the young stars on the same age level who are not married involve in contest. One has to drink only blood and milk to get fat and to be good competent. The general application of body fat for the contest shows having gone through the years with good comfort and atmosphere. This culture has deep social application in Bodi Society.


Photo's by Mekonen Zewdie ©2011 "Ethiopia At a Glance" www.ethiopiaataglance.com



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