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Debre Libanos {the 13c Miracle}: After 103 km to the north of Addis Ababa there is a side road, which leads to the ancient monastery of Debre Libanos. The monastery was established by a 13th century Ethiopian saint called Abune Tekelehaimanot. There stands an imposing beautiful church with magnificent murals. Near by a 16th Century Bridge, which was said to be built by a Portuguese engineer, is spotted. The monastery complex sits on a terrace between a cliff and the gorge of one of the tributaries of the Abbay River (the Blue Nile). None of the original buildings of Debre Libanos survive. Current buildings include the church over Tekle Haymanot’s tomb, which Emperor Haile Selassie ordered constructed in 1961; a slightly older Church of the Cross, where Buxton was told a fragment of the True Cross is preserved; and five religious schools. Along the side of the church, you cross a river and proceed on foot up a hill for about 15 minutes. According to legend, the Ethiopian Saint, Tekle Haimanot, prayed for 7 years (or 29 years, depending who you ask). The legend says that he stood on one foot for so long that the other foot fell off.  Sick people queue to receive holy water (which is believed to be a sign of the saint’s prayer).


Photo's by Mekonen Zewdie ©2011 "Ethiopia At a Glance" www.ethiopiaataglance.com



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